Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nothing venture, Nothing Win

Mt. Everest by Carpe Feline.
Flying from Kathmandu to Paro, Bhutan. If you are on the correct side of the plane and the clouds allow, you get a fantastic view of Mt. Everest.
It took me three flights before I was on the correct side but I got a good photo - actually I got about a hundred as I just kept clicking. Everest is so awesome and so impressive that I thought I might be disappointed in actually seeing it fairly close. But I was amazed and almost in tears because it is so magnificent. And I wondered - Is anybody on it right now? How are they doing? What can they possibly be thinking and I hope they are as impressed as I am. fantastic!
I got this from flickr photo sharing. Close up view of Mt Everest. I liked the shot. Whenever you visit Nepal, book a tour on "Buddha Air" which will encircle the everest & you can have a perfact view of the mighty, ever meditating everest. Further more if interested to know more about everest read " Nothing venture,Nothing Win" by Sir Edmund Hillary.

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