Friday, July 25, 2008

Silence by Guri Mehta


Chasing Butterflies

The mind is becoming more and more silent. Talking is an interesting activity. There’s so much more ego associated with it then I’d like to admit. The mind is constantly trying to beautify its own image. It’s constantly trying to make sure that others are thinking highly of it. And extremely hurt when someone says anything to harm that image of ourselves. Whether we really care for a person’s opinion or not, anything hurtful that anyone says always stands out more than anything neutral or good. Such fragileness. Even the most realized of people aren’t able to fully part from it. Trying to work at the ego bit by bit, but something tells me it’s going to be a life-long job. Silence is turning out to be an amazing tool.

I found this on . What a profound understanding about the working of the mind. Conditioned mind. Ever chattering mind. Egoistic mind. and the rest of it. But the moment you become silent which needs tremendous perseverence & practice you become a intelligent being. As guri said its an amazing tool. This is my thinking at the moment....Sunandan

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